1) Which currency only accept?

MYR : Malaysia Ringgit.

2 )How do I open an account?

Click on Register button and follow the simple steps to open an account and start betting straight away!.

3) How does company protect my privacy?

We will makes sure that your details are secure all of the time,our company will not disclose your personal information to any third party.

4) Forget product username or password ?

Please contact our online customer service 24/7,we will solve your problem.

5) What are the lowest single-game bet?

Sorry, based on each company has different betting betting limits, so we can not give you the exact amount limits. (Or you can contact our online customer service) .

6) What are the maximum bet limit per game?

Any regular betting and Internet gaming companies betting on the customer’s account has a limit, the control is to ensure 100% withdrawal you. i) Game’s account balance is less than your withdrawal amount.

7) Can I cancel my bets?

No. Once we have accepted your bet, it cannot be cancelled and will be settled according to the Rules & Regulations governing our website. It is important that you are familiar with these rules.

8) How do I know if a transaction has been successful?

Your account will be updated as soon as you make a deposit, except intenet banking in status OFFLINE.

9) Application for Withdrawal how to do it?

Please visit our website , click on the ” Withdrawal” fill in your details and submit , we will in the shortest time the funds to your designated bank account.

10) Can I transfer the balance to another game account?

Yes, our requirement is within 24 hours only once.